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The History Of The Antique Drum Table

20 April 2018

The table is the second most common form of antique furniture there is; its adaptability, functional use and appearance have established it as a firm favourite amongst collectors, while its purpose has ensured it has lasted the test of time. From bedside tables for your night light to kitchen tables where you share meals with friends and family and entrance...

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Kensington Palace its Antiques and the Fascination it Holds

11 April 2018

London was the central hub for royalty throughout history and it continues to be today. It is a fantastic place to learn and see into the different lifestyles that were lead through various periods of time. Patrick Sandberg Antiques is situated nearby to one of the best examples of a royal stately home that is also open for public viewing....

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A Guide to buying an Antique Leather Chair

28 March 2018

Chairs are a dominating feature within a room, and it’s important to be pleased with your selection. There are several considerations that should be thought of before you make your purchase, some of which we have highlighted below.Make Sure You Like It One of the most important considerations when purchasing any antique is to ensure that you like it. The piece is probably going to...

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Who was Thomas Chippendale?

14 February 2018

Thomas Chippendale was born in Otley, Yorkshire, 1718 and died in London in 1779. He’simmensely famous, but why?His fame stems from the fact he was arguably the most gifted cabinet-maker of his time,and his services were sought by the great and the good. However, he wasn’tsimply born into his illustrious career, as his success came only followingsignificant efforts on his...

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Stylised Animals in Decorative Lighting and Objects

17 January 2018

Exotic animals that were transported to England by boats, were studied and painted by experts employed by institutions like the Natural History Museum. It was thought a helpful idea to integrate never before seen animals like armadillos and tortoises into decorative objects, to introduce them to the public. The eagerness of experts to acquaint English society with such animals is...

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How to make the most of your Hallway space.

09 January 2018

Quite often,the hallway ends up being a cluttered walkway for traversing from room to room,but this need not be the case.Hallways canbecome a statement space and decorated in a manner that relates back to whenthey were considered the heart of the home. In the 1400s, the hallway was wherethe family dined with guests, and great houses played host to travelling...

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