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Time & Tide Waits For No Man

29 May 2018

French antique clocks in the Empire style possess the dual function of being timepieces, but also bronze sculptural works of art in themselves. It is particularly evident in the models incorporated in these clocks, that they bear characteristics of fine art. These timepieces were chiefly made for libraries, salons and for boudoirs because of...

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How Does A Leopard Gets Its Spots?

22 May 2018

A name is used for identification and can tell us a great deal of information about the object it is assigned to; its use or perhaps the time period it belongs to. You may know what piece of furniture a name is referring to, but perhaps do ...

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Top Tips For Buying Antiques

14 May 2018

If you collect, browse or are on the hunt for an antique bargain, these tips will help you find the treasure you could be looking for. Unique, traditional or quirky items can be found at auction houses, antique fairs and shops.1. Ask questionsStart by asking questions, about how rare the item is - is it made by a notable maker/designer,...

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Making The Most Of Your Dining Room Table

08 May 2018

If you’re lucky enough to be the proud new owner of one our antique dining tables, you’re probably wondering how you can make the most of it in order to fully compliment your room. Antique furniture gives any room more depth, contributing to the overall character and creating a talking point for guests and visitors who come to your home....

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Ring the Bell for Tea!

30 April 2018

Tea is a commodity that has become an elaborate part of British history. The custom for taking tea became a national obsession in England by the 18th century. The origins of this libation in Britain are to be found in the foundations laid by the East India Company in Asia, which eventually led to the formation of the British Empire....

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What Is Considered Antique?

24 April 2018

In today’s culture, the trend of vintage and antique has taken the world by storm. However, this increase in popularity has lead to many replicas being made to look replicate the ‘antique’ or ‘vintage’ look. Some of the imitations are done to the highest quality; yet, these items are simply not authentic and cannot be considered an antique. In our...

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