Making The Most Of Your Dining Room Table

08 May 2018

If you’re lucky enough to be the proud new owner of one our antique dining tables, you’re probably wondering how you can make the most of it in order to fully compliment your room. Antique furniture gives any room more depth, contributing to the overall character and creating a talking point for guests and visitors who come to your home. Keep reading for a few tips on how to accessorise your dining table in a way that allows it to reach its full potential.

Before you buy

Be sure to correctly measure your dining room and think about what kind of size you would like the table to be. A table that is too big for the space might give the impression that the room is crowded whereas one that is too small could get lost in excess space and never reach its full potential. Be sure to consider the comfort of your guests and the ease of access when it comes to deciding where to place it. When it comes to dining tables, size really does matter…

Colour schemes

Set the mood you wish to convey in your space with the right colour, so you can then accessorise accordingly. Red is said to stimulate the flow of blood around the body and can even get gastric juices flowing, which is why it is often used in restaurants and could be used in a similar way in your dining room. That said, red is a very powerful colour, so perhaps limit the use to just one or two key features. Dining rooms and antique furniture on the whole can often benefit from a warming lift such as a light gold, which can help define and outline your antique table.

Light it up

Lighting is a key feature to any room, and through utilising pendant lighting over the table, you are able to inject a feeling of drama within the room, while focussing on the unique character of the table. Get creative with light shades and reap in the benefits by day and night, as it looks beautiful throughout the day. If you prefer slightly dimmer settings for evening meal, accessorise the room around the table with unique and interesting lamps. Set the table with an array of candles and tea lights for an atmospheric feel that will put the whole room at ease, or for a romantic twist if it’s just the two of you.


Dining rooms often have a lot of hard surfaces, with the table itself, chairs and stereotypically a hardwood floor. Counterbalance this with soft furnishings such as rugs, cushions and curtains to pull the dining table together and create a contrast between the furniture. A rug under the actual table usually works well, but be sure that all the chairs can also fit on and be pulled out, without leaving the surface area. In terms of the actual table, it might be a good idea to invest in a runner, as not only is it a good decorative feature but it can also help to protect your table against any unwanted hot dish damage.

Dressing the table

When it comes to the actual laying of the table, it’s important to remember all the basics. You want the table to look as beautiful as possible, but you also need dinner guests to have everything they need for the meal. Get out your best cutlery set, and use matching knives, forks and spoons where possible. Be sure that every place setting has a water tumbler and a wine glass, as well as anything else you might need for the meal. Protect your table with matching placemats, which can also help to convey any patterns or themes within the room. These basics all serve for practical use, but they can also cement the look and mood your dining room is trying to achieve. As mentioned previously, utilising candles and tea lights on the table creates a relaxing atmosphere, which could be paired with some low volume music to finish.

Be flexible

No doubt, you’ll be wanting to use your new antique table as much as possible and so you want to make the uses as versatile as possible. Do not limit the area to being just an eating space, and have storage available for accessories so you can easily transform the piece into a desk as well. Storing games nearby can establish the piece as the go to board game arena, and makes it a great spot for spending family time. Don’t be afraid to move the table around as and when you need to, trying out new looks and exploring how you can fully appreciate the beautiful antique.

Your antique table will be the key feature to your room and tells the story of its rich and varied past. They are truly timeless, and will continue to compliment any room for years and years to come.