How to make the most of your Hallway space.

09 January 2018

Quite often,
the hallway ends up being a cluttered walkway for traversing from room to room,
but this need not be the case.

Hallways can
become a statement space and decorated in a manner that relates back to when
they were considered the heart of the home. In the 1400s, the hallway was where
the family dined with guests, and great houses played host to travelling actors
who amused with music and dance.

The fashion
for hallways being treated as rooms in their own right continued into the
1700s, with many grand houses elaborately decorating their hallways with marble
columns, patterned floor panels and painted portraits.

In modern
life, the hallway is usually the place where you trip over multiple pairs of
shoes and end up hanging your coat. However, there are a few ways you can make
the most of your hallway space, and recapture some of the glory that so often
accompanied the room throughout history:


Lighting is
important to set the tone of the hallway. If your lighting is too harsh, it may
feel like a supermarket, whilst too dim and it will feel too dingy. Getting the
correct lighting for your property can help to create a cosy and welcoming


When it
comes to adding furniture to your hallway, less is often more, and whatever you
do add must count. For example, adding an 
antique console table allows you to display a few
ornaments or a lamp, whilst also offering additional storage – a greatly
desired trait of the hallway.

If possible,
you may also find room for a small cupboard or chiffonier in a small recess, or
perhaps even tucked away under the stairs. This is another way of adding in
vital storage, without adding to the clutter.

Adding a
mirror to the hallway can also create the illusion of being more spacious, as
it helps to bounce the light around your space making it feel more open and


For smaller
hallways, it is suggested that the flooring is kept simple and any flooring
which is laid should be done so it runs lengthways with your eye line.

spaces can benefit greatly from patterns, with different coloured tiles which
blend into each other being a popular choice for many. Wood and tiles are a
traditional flooring, so will not date as many modern flooring tends to do.


Adding in flowers and scented candles can help to add to the mood of the hallway, as
smell can be just as important as sight in creating an ambience which appeals
to visitors.