Five tips for buying antiques this New Year.

03 January 2018

Whether you’re an avid collector of antique desk sets or just starting out with your collection of gilded candlesticks, we have compiled some tips to help beginners start their antique collection this New Year.

Start with what you know

It is best to specialise in an area of antiques that you are passionate about and have knowledge about already, and take it from there. Go for antiques that really interest you, choosing items based on a hobby or interest you have.

Go with your gut

Be aware of fakes or forgeries and if you have any doubt about the piece you are looking at, leave it. Antiques which look too good to be true often are and the last thing you want to do is part with your cash then discover it is a fake.

Buy what you like or need

An amateur collector may be tempted to buy items they can then sell on for a profit, but for beginner antique collectors it is better to go with what you like or what will be of use. For a first-time antique buyer, try not to buy with an investment in mind as there are no rules about what could lose or gain

Grab furniture now

If you are after a certain piece of furniture like an antique sideboard, table or chiffonier that has a story behind it, now is the ideal time to turn to antiques. Antique furniture has never been better in value, especially if it is to be used for the home.

Buy in person or online

At the time where a lot of shopping is done online, buying antiques online can be tricky, as it doesn’t
give you a 360 view of the products and what their condition is. However, we are always happy to give condition reports and take many detailed photographs so you really do get an idea of our wonderful stock. So please take the opportunity to visit our 
London antique shop in person or visit our newly improved website to browse our full inventory. You can take your time searching for the perfect antique both in person or online.