Dining Tables ready for the Christmas Season

19 October 2017

It now appears that households and families are reverting back to the traditional dinner table set-up at meal times, with dining table sales having increased dramatically according to research by furniture giant Ikea.

Many are now abandoning the previous trend of mealtimes gathered around the television, instead opting for the more social setting and engaging in conversation at the dinner table. Over a third of people now spend over four hours a week at the dinner table, with almost half eating in their own dining room. The demand for being able to eat at the dinner table has also spread into the housing market, with estate agents also noting a higher demand for homes which include a dining room or room for a dining table.

The rising popularity of dining tables is part of a larger trend of a return to traditional mealtimes, with more and more people also favouring traditional home cooking to microwave ready meals. Over 85% of households now regularly cook from scratch, favouring wholesome British meals such as Sunday roasts and cottage pies, with a rise also being noted in the sales of serving products such as dishes and gravy boats.

It seems that there couldn’t be a better time to invest in a gorgeous 4-pedestal dining table; as well as acting as a truly astonishing centrepiece for your home, it is also perfect for enjoying a traditional dinner together in good company.

With Christmas getting close, now is also the perfect time to seek out a Dining Table ready for all the festivities ahead.